Stop, listen and look

At the heart of the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, the rumble of locomotives has given way to the murmur of nature.

Imagine yourself cycling over the railway line, making your way between oak trees, megaliths and wildlife, with breathtaking views over the historic villages of Marvão and Castelo de Vide.

Come and find out why disused railways don't have to be abandoned railways.

Our Routes

Route The Bridge

15KM - 2,5 HOURS - ¤ 20,00 PER PERSON

After leaving behind the charming train station of Marvão-Beirã, the tracks gently climb and zigzag through ever-changing nature. Cork oaks, oak trees, wildlife and fantastic views over the historic Marvão Castle.

The turning point of this tour is over a 1930 bridge, 30 metres above the ground, which offers beautiful panoramas before returning to the station.

Route Castelo de Vide

32KM - 5 HOURS - ¤ 45.00 PER PERSON

A round trip between two historic and picturesque train stations, with picnic included for a comforting break.

The tracks wind through the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, allowing you to see cork oaks, oak trees, wildlife and a 30m high bridge, not forgetting the fantastic panoramic views over Marvão Castle and the historical village of Castelo de Vide.

Important to know...

  • Railbike is a physical activity, bicycles do not have motor and all participants must pedal. The route includes areas with slope;
  • Children should always be accompanied by responsible adults;
  • We advise the use of clothing suitable for atmospheric conditions (e.g. hats and sunglasses, wool caps, coats);
  • Bring a camera and good mood!

Cais Coberto Café Bar

Part of the historic and beautiful Marvão-Beirã train station, the Cais Coberto is a rustic wooden warehouse transformed into an animated Café/Bar and also home base for Railbike Marvão. Wine and drinks, tapas and eats, concerts, groovey tunes and rockstars.


How can I book the activity?

Send an email to and indicate the desired date, number of people and preference for the morning or afternoon.

Are they open all year round?

We operate all year round, but always by appointment and subject to availability.

Do the departures have a timetable?

There are set departure times and they vary with the seasons.

Check with us the timetables by email.

How many people can go at a time?

The activity takes place with a minimum of 1 person and a maximum of 15.

When the number is odd, do you go cycling alone?

When it is odd, the person who is unpaired goes with the guide on the first railbike.

Does the tour include a guide(s)?

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Does the tour include a guide(s)?

Yes, on every tour there is a guide in charge of the group.

Is the activity suitable for children?

Yes, the minimum height to reach the pedals is 1.25m. If it is lower, the adult accompanying the child will have to pedal for both of them. There are two extra seats that fit onto the railbike for children up to 20 kg.

Do children pay the same?

Yes, the price is per seat. Children in an extra seat do not pay.

Is the activity difficult?

The degree of difficulty is not high but depends on the physical condition of each person. During the walk you respect the rhythm and make stops.

Is there a weight limit?

The railbike is limited to 100kg per person.

Is advance payment required?

When you make the reservation you need to transfer a deposit.

If, due to weather conditions, it is not possible to do the tour, the money is refunded or saved for another day.

Our moments

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